Advanced Research Center
Profession 、 Standard 、 Persistence 、Responsibility

Huanhuan has been leading the industry in R&D investment and has obtained 34 international and domestic patents so far

We concentrate on the research of animal nutrition and application, and design their own precise nutrition formula for different breeds and different growth stages of pets, so as to truly achieve scientific pet raising, and each product is born for pets.

Specializing in the production of pet food glue combined with meat products, we only do one meter wide, 100,000 meters deep focused research and development

We are committed to the goal of making the first pet snacks in the world

Standard for infant food grade products

It makes HuanHuan getting more stringent food safety control than competitor, Huanhuan strictly refused to unhealthy food and unscientific feeding, not to give up nutritionfor palatability , not in order to look more appetitive, then add a variety of chemical ingredients. Huanhuan has passed HACCP, IFS, BRC, FDA and other food safety standards and international market access system certification. All products are produced in accordance with pet food safety standards, which completely eliminates the worries of pet owners.






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